Jimmy Moore

Mouse and The Boys were fast becoming the area's premiere rock dance and show band in the early 1960's but the group wanted to add a new dimension and excitementto their sound and in 1966 they decided that adding a brass section would be the perfect complement to their trademark rock R&B style. I began with some recording session work with the band and then, along with the other half of "The Brass", Frank Crumpler, a trial of performing with the group was started.

The mix of personalities was perfect and the fan response to the sharp brass sounds was overwhelming and so my career with Mouse The Boys & Brass began.

I left the group in 1970 and taking a cue from the George Thorogood song I "got a haircut and got a real job" to the immense relief of my parents and family. I didn't know it then as I still hadn't decided what to be when I grew up but this "job" turned into a very satisfying 33 year career with BellSouth. I was fortunate to be able to retire in late 2002 and spend a lot of time in my “new office” (my golf cart). As a true child of the ‘60s and ‘70s life without much motion suits me.

I have a daughter, Michelle, and two sons, James and Brian, all of whom have left the nest.

My greatest achievement to date was meeting, romancing and winning the love of my bride of 30 years, the former Cathy Pinholster of Jacksonville. She and I have shared the triumphs and pain of successfully raising two sons and we are now alone and free again to have all of the fun, pleasure and passion that only two people that are best friends as well as lovers can achieve.

I am looking forward to the band's reunion concert and getting a chance to see once again all of our old friends and fans. My email is jimmy@mouseandtheboys.com

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