Maurice Samples

I graduated from Nathan B. Forrest High School in 1964 and received a Bachelor of Music Education Degree from Jacksonville University in 1969.

I married Cathy Herring in 1971 and we are still extremely happily married! Cathy and I have been blessed with four children and, as of December 2010, ten grandchildren and would like to have more... (smile)'

I became a Christian ('Jesus freak') in October of 1971 and 'retired' from Mouse and the Boys after a final gig on New Year's Eve 1971.

I was briefly part of a Christian rock group, Israel, recording an album that was never released. I took a job as a carpenter and eventually became part owner of a cabinet shop.

I have been involved, part-time, in some form of Christian ministry since 1972 either as a pastor or worship (music) leader. I was full-time from 1989-2000 at Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, as the senior 'worship leader' and assistant pastor.

Since then, I’m in the construction business with one of my sons as Raise and Restore, Inc. We do home remodeling, (kitchens, baths, general)  room additions, and new construction (residential and commercial).

I find it amazing and wonderful that all eight of the original members of the band are:

1). Still Alive
2). Excited about becoming friends again after more than 3 decades
3). Willing, able and excited about playing again

I certainly don't deserve the wonderful and blessed life that I've had. I have an awesome wife, and together we've had the joy of watching and raising two handsome and athletic sons and beautiful athletic twin daughters. All four children are married and have wonderful spouses and of course…. the grand kids are perfect! Because of God's mercy and love (which He freely offers to everyone who will believe), I'm forgiven of my past and my future is secure. WOW!

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